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How To Be Your Own Hero

Fabulous programme to raise the self-esteem of primary school students

“How To Be Your Own HERO”

Self-Esteem Resource for Primary School Professionals

Supporting Professionals Who Build Self-Esteem

“I am going to do more for myself now thanks to this program. I am going to get more out of life.”

Sarah (Student)

Product image - How to be your own hero feedback - teacher and counsellor self-esteem and resilience resource for students

Here’s why primary school professionals love our ‘How To Be Your Own HERO’ manual …

  • Easy proven 4 step process for building self esteem in children
  • What to teach, how to teach it, stories to tell, research to back it up and more
  • 57 super self esteem building activities
  • The keys to helping children believe in themselves and think positively
  • Amazing techniques to control even the most self destructive emotions (you can use them too)

1Thursday 10.30am, Brisbane Qld

From: Petris Lapis B Com LLB LLM, Master Results Coach, Master Performance Consultant, Lecturer, Mother, Motivator, Healer, Coach, Senior Mindfulness Trainer, Director of Petris Lapis Pty Ltd and Creator of ‘How To Be Your Own HERO’ self-esteem resource for primary school professionals

Dear Fellow Educator

If you’re concerned about the low levels of self-esteem and resilience you see in childen, then this may be the most important letter you’ve ever read (for both you and those children) …

We have called our program ‘How To Be Your Own HERO’ … the true HEROes are children who live with poor self-esteem every day. They are the ones who inspired us to make our program public.

The True HEROES Behind This Program

The true HEROes of this story are children … it was their faces, their eyes and even worse … their words of despair which provided the passion and drive to create this program.

Sad school boy - How to be your own hero programme for teachers and counsellors

Children who struggle with little self respect and low self-esteem are the true heroes who inspired this programme

We will share the story of just three of these HEROes with you.



Our First Hero (The Girl With No Hair)

Our first hero sat in the front row on a hot summer day and looked up at us with big brown eyes through a long fringe filled with nits. The rest of her head was shaved.

She was overweight and hunched over as though, if she could make herself small enough, she might actually be able to disappear. Around her was an invisible barrier … a large personal space other children avoided.

There were 120 children in the room with her when I asked for a brave, strong and wonderful volunteer for the next activity. I looked straight at her … she shook her head and said softly, “I think you have the wrong person.”

Our Second Hero (The Boy Who Stares At Walls)

Our second hero arrives on a winter day with over 100 other nine year old children sitting in a chilly library annex. The children were writing their names and positive things about themselves on a card. One little boy quietly moved himself into a corner and stared at the wall.

Battle quoteHe had written his name on the card … and nothing else. When asked why … he explained, “There’s nothing good about me. My mum and dad tell me they don’t love me and they wish I hadn’t been born. I don’t have any friends. No one will talk to me and no one loves me. Sometimes I just wish I wasn’t in the world. I’m always in trouble and I’m not very good at learning. Because I cannot do this, I will have to sit in the corner … so I am just going to start now.”

Try to imagine … just for a second … if you can … what is must feel like to be this little boy.

Our Third Hero (It’s Not OK To Hope)

Our final hero is a Grade 5 boy who knocked down a paper tower built by other students. When asked why … he asked if I really wanted to know or if I was just going to get angry at him?

When I explained that I was there to help, not to get angry … his shoulders sagged, he brushed his very long fringe from his eyes and told me his story, “I have 7 brothers and sisters, my dad doesn’t have a job and my two oldest brothers are juvies (in juvenile detention). I have to share a bed with 2 of my brothers so I am always tired. I know that good things don’t last … I know that there is no point in building or doing anything because things won’t get better … I knocked it down to avoid the disappointment for everyone when it fell down … because that’s what always happens.”

At the age of 10 this young man is already living a life where he has no hope.

The Effects Of Low Self-Esteem On Your Classroom

a teacher with childrenWe see self-esteem issues when we run seminars, but you probably see them every day … so here’s a ‘Fill in the blanks’ activity …

Fill in the blanks

The poor self-esteem of some children in my classroom means I spend too much time __________________ and not enough time _____________________. This makes me feel __________________ and affects my ___________________.

What’s The Cost Of Not Doing Anything?

How to be your own hero programme - teacher and counsellor self-esteem, resilience and self respect resource

The cost of doing nothing is too high. Children become teenagers who become adults living very small and difficult lives.

Children don’t ‘grow out of’ poor self-esteem … it doesn’t go away … it gets more UGLY (we know because we work with teenagers as well):

Addictive Behaviours
Low academic performance
Eating disorders
Depression or even worse … youth suicide
Teenage pregnancy

“Low self esteem is THE underlying origin of ALL problematic behaviours and the true disease that plagues the world resulting in alcohol abuse, drug abuse and all other obsessive behaviour including criminal behaviour.”

Candito 1996, Alcoholism: A False Stigmata; Low Self Esteem The True Disease (Emphasis added)

Parents Look To YOU To Provide The ‘Fix’

As a professional you are working with the effects of low self-esteem every day. And isn’t it frustrating when parents expect you to ‘fix’ their child’s self-esteem issues … or … even worse … when they don’t believe it is an issue at all?

Teacher - how to be your own hero programme - self-esteem resource, resilience resource, confidence resource, self respect resource for teachers and counsellors

You became a teacher because you care … so no matter how hard it is, you will always do your best for every child in your class

You are already so time poor … and how are you supposed to fix a lifetime of issues in one year??? Honestly! But because you’re a professional … that’s exactly what you want to do. And now you can.

What Can You Do About It?

Children’s lives can be changed. Things can be turned around … even for children with appalling beginnings. They just need a glimmer of hope that things can be better and the skills to get themselves there.

Teaching self-esteem skills to children will do this … it will turn it around … and the earlier you can do it, the better the outcome. But don’t just take our word for it … what about the words of James Heckman, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences … when he said …

“Early interventions of high quality have lasting effects on learning and motivation. As a society we cannot afford to postpone investing in children until they become adults … ” (Heckman, 2000)

OK So You Can Do Something About It … But …
You’re Time Poor And The Curriculum Is Already Full

We hear you … we see the incredible pressures you are under every day from Government, reporting requirements, students and parents …

how to be your own hero programme - resources for teachers and counsellors for self-esteem, self respect, confidence and resilience

“Children with higher self-esteem perform better academically” (Covington, 1989)

That doesn’t even start to take into account your frustration and guilt because you neglect your loved ones when you spend so many hours of precious home time preparing class materials.

Our pretty amazing 86 page ‘How to Be Your Own HERO’ teacher resource manual has all the work done for you …

  • Background information
  • Flexibility
  • Small activities … big activities
  • Logical processes
  • Work through all at once or half an hour at a time
  • It’s all there and done for you

What’s not to love about this?

Yes, But How Do I Know It Will Work?

We have run the program ourselves in-house and in schools with hundreds of children, seen thousands of smiles, quite a few tears, received dozens of hugs, turned on hope and watched amazing break throughs … and this was just from the teachers!!

Okay, we’re only kidding … it was with the children … but we swept a few teachers along with us too … (it’s amazing how many childhood self-esteem issues many of us have unresolved).

Your Colleagues Reviewed The Program For Us … And They Were Ruthless

We also gave free copies to primary school teachers and asked them to be RUTHLESS when they reviewed it … and they were! (Whoever would have thought??)

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Don’t just take our word for it …

Here’s what students on our programs have said when asked what they liked about the course … (We have folders full of these so we only picked a few) …

I made new friends - Kristina, aged 9
Learning and overcoming our fears - Bella, aged 10
That I learnt heaps - Monty, aged 10
That was great Sandy - Jordan, aged 9
To learn good things - Victoria, aged 10
That it was fun! - Elizabeth, aged 8
It was fun - Bianca, aged 12
Thank you so much for a day off school and those funny stories plus teaching us to be a HERO! - Harry!

Because we’re always looking to improve, we asked students what we could do to improve … This is what they told us …

What they loved

Of course we loved the last one!

Here’s what the parents of those children said …

Parents quotes (1)
Parents quotes (2)

And here’s what some teachers have said:

“Dear [Petris], Thank you so much for the course. I have used one of the techniques you taught me so often … what a wonderful technique. It has really helped me to feel better when facing every day challenges in the classroom.”

Jenny, Primary School Teacher Queensland

“Dear [Petris], Thank you Thank you Thank you so much for coming to teach our students. They loved the course and so did we. Only wish we had been able to do something like that when we were children.”

Katrina, Primary School Teacher Queensland

“Dear [Petris], On behalf of all the Grade 5 Teachers we would like to thank you for the wonderful course. We always talk about including more values driven content in the curriculum but never get around to doing it. You showed us how to do it in a fun way and we’re sure the parents will also learn from the booklets you gave to them. Thank you.”

Mary, Primary School Teacher Queensland

Here we were getting carried away with all the great things people have said about our program when you are probably wondering …

What Happened To Our Three Heroes?

One of the things we have enjoyed most about running the ‘How To Be Your Own HERO‘ program has been watching the progress of young HEROes.

Our First Hero – I Have A Friend!

We saw our first hero 6 months later when we visited her school. She told us she now has a friend (just one … but what a good start) and looks forward to coming to school. I could try, but trust me when I say that words would be inadequate, to describe the joy on this hero’s face.

Our Second Hero Won A Prize

This wonderful boy … the one who felt there was nothing good about himself and stared at the wall … well he tapped into the courage to try something new and discovered he had a gift for art. In fact, he was so good that his teacher entered his artwork in a national art competition … and he won!!! First prize was a trip for 2 to Melbourne to receive his award. He took his mum and for the first time in his life … she told him she was proud of him. His classroom teacher also let us know that, although our hero still finds learning challenging, he is no longer disruptive in class.

Our Third Hero – I’m Doing My Homework So I Don’t Become a Juvie Too

Our third hero brought tears to one of our tougher staff member’s eyes when we visited his school again. (We think this staff member may just have been a tough kid too). He sought us out when other children weren’t around … and told us that he has worked out that it isn’t cool to go to juvenile detention and he is working harder at school so he can get a job when he leaves. His teacher now lets him into the classroom early so he can do his homework.

OK, So What’s In The ‘How To Be Your Own HERO’ Primary School

Primary School Teacher Resource Manual - how to be your own hero programme - resources for teachers and counsellors for self-esteem, self respect, confidence and resilience

Professional Resource Manual?

Here’s a quick preview of what we have squeezed into this remarkable 86 page ‘How To Be Your Own HERO’ Primary School Teacher Resource manual for you:

  • Things teachers love … background information, support materials, activities, resources, solutions, stories to tell and much more
  • The 5 step cycle everybody goes through when things happen (Page 11), where it goes wrong … and how you can stop it going wrong
  • The 4 easy steps every child can take to become their own HERO (Page 9)
    The five step cycle people go through ... and we know some clever children who can now tell you where it goes wrong and how to fix it.

    The five step cycle

  • Discover how to make strong life choices including SECRET methods most adults don’t even know for making these choices … children adore this part (Page 54)
  • How to ask the right questions … and who saved their life by doing so (Page 25)
  • An unhelpful beliefs funeral … a little bit of drama and a lot of fun (Page 33)
  • 19 true stories to motivate and inspire children
  • How to use focus like a laser beam (Page 57)
  • Imagination techniques used by successful people all over the world to achieve goals (Page 75)
  • Beautiful meditation technique for calmer more focused students … such an essential life skill for everyone to master (Page 82)
  • 57 engaging self esteem activities
  • A personal S.W.O.T. analysis as used by business people … an excellent technique you will want to use over and over again (Page 34)
  • How to STOP UGLY SELF TALK dead in its tracks (Page 21)
    Try building a tower out of cups ... WITHOUT using your hands ... just one of the metaphors we teach children to overcome obstacles.

    Try building a tower out of cups … WITHOUT using your hands … just one of the metaphors used to teach children how to overcome obstacles.

  • Ways to handle anger … the good, the bad and the downright ugly (Page 42)
  • A confidence anchor for children that will blow their minds … and yours (Page 44)
  • 6 step process to blast through problems (Page 59)
  • Ways to get around life’s obstacles (Page 71)

This Teacher Manual has EVERYTHING that we have used when running ‘How To Be Your Own HERO’ in schools. And a whole lot more because we have included some pretty amazing bonuses for you.

Looks great – I want it now and I’ve seen enough (Click Here)

Here Are Our Awesome Bonuses

We couldn’t help ourselves. We wanted you to have everything we could think of to help improve the self-esteem of children in your classroom.

We wanted you to have more time with your family and to reward you for being dedicated and caring enough to teach self-esteem skills to your students.

So we’ve put together these extra special gift bonuses for you. (Even though our marketing expert told us we’d gone too far and we were absolutely crazy to include it all).

FREE Extra Special Gift Bonuses


“How To Be Your Own HERO” Student Manual

This student manual is valued at $127 … But It’s yours FREE

Primary School Student Manual - how to be your own hero teacher resource

‘How To Be Your Own HERO’ 49 page student manual:

Follows the teacher manual (without all the extra stuff we put in just for you)
Ready to print and distribute
Lasting reference for students to keep and share with parents/guardians


Gratitude Journal & Goal Journal

These beautiful journals valued at $11 each … But they are yours FREE

Gratitude Journal and Goal Journal - how to be your own hero teacher resource and counsellor resource programme for self-esteem, self respect, confidence and resilience

Free student Goal Journal and Gratitude Journal. These beautifully illustrated journals with motivational quotes can be printed or used in an electronic form. Research shows that the most successful people in the world are the ones who write down their goals, hence the goal journal. The gratitude journal is to help students maintain a ‘glass half full’ attitude.


Inspirational Powerpoint Slides

These inspirational slides normally sell for $89.00 … But they are yours FREE

You’ll love these inspirational PowerPoint slides. There are 60 slides each with a nature picture and an inspirational quote. The slides have been set to continuously transition every 7 seconds. These slides are so beautiful they speak for themselves. Play them with soothing music to add extra oomph and create a peaceful mood in your classroom.


Unconscious Blockage Dissolver

This recorded NLP technique normally sells for $22.00 … But It’s Yours FREE

Unconscious Blockage Dissolver - how to be your own hero teacher and counsellor resource package

This one is a reward for YOU. You have probably discovered that you do things that seem to be controlled by your unconscious mind. This simple technique is outstanding. As you become aware of each new blockage … listen to the recording and dissolve it out of your life. How can this help? Here’s just a few of the ways:

– dissolve your blockage to making passive income
– overcome your fear of success / or failure
– overcome any feelings of unworthiness


Reduce Stress Meditation

This meditation normally sells for $22.00 … But It’s Yours FREE

Reduce Stress Meditation -how to be your own hero programme - resources for teachers and counsellors for self-esteem, self respect, confidence and resilience

Another reward for you and you’ll love this guided meditation because it has been specifically designed to reconnect you to your roots. And you can’t help but remember what’s important in your life – and why you are making the choices you make. You can also play it to your students to start or end the school day on a calm and positive note.


Electronic Copy Of “How To Be Your Own Hero” Student Manual

This is valued at $127.00 …  But It’s Yours FREE

Electronic How To Be Your Own Hero Student Manual - how to be your own hero programme - resources for teachers and counsellors for self-esteem, self respect, confidence and resilience

We’re sure you can understand our reluctance to give away electronic copies of our materials in a world that sees no problems with downloading illegal movies or music on the internet. However we know your job will be easier if you can modify these materials to suit your needs and print off just the activities you want for the day … so for a limited time we are including an electronic copy of the student manual for free.


Bonus Self Esteem Resources

These resources valued at $29 … But They Are Yours FREE

Bonus Self Esteem Resources

Bonus self esteem resources you can use when you have a few spare minutes in the classroom. These resources come from other self esteem programs we run for students and are stand alone activities you can do when you have some spare time or give to students who finish work early.

That’s a total of $438 worth of FREE gift bonuses for you … Pretty good deal, right? Actually the team had fun putting these bonuses together for you and the children in your classes.

“Okay, It All Sounds Great … How Much Is This Going To Cost?”

Well that’s the best part – the price. If we added up our time and expertise … and then multiplied that by the results we’ve had with children … these materials would be priceless.

As we believe it is important for professionals to have access to this resource … and we know how tight money is … we’re prepared to sell the ‘How To Be Your Own HERO’ self-esteem teacher manual to you for a price that’s fair to both of us, just $498. This price entitles any purchasing school or teacher to use the resource with as many students as they would like.

As we’ve also launched a membership site with loads of self-esteem, confidence, transition to high school etc etc and other life skills resources on it … we’d like to give you an extra special bonus just as our way of saying “thank you” for reading this far and for teaching self-esteem skills in the class room …

Any purchases during 2013 will qualify for 12 months FREE membership of our resources for 10 people – valued at $370

We’re not sure how long we will keep it at this special price, so it may be best to take advantage of it while it is available.

"How To Be Your Own Hero" Teacher Resource Manual

“How To Be Your Own Hero”  Professional Resource Manual

Zero Risk GuaranteeOne more thing …

Just in case you’re not 100% sure if you are making the right decision, we will take 100% of the risk away from you and put it ALL on our shoulders.

How can we do this? Simple. Here’s our Zero Risk Guarantee.

Zero Risk Guarantee

So there’s zero risk for you and you’re going to get …

How to be your own hero value table

What are you waiting for?

For just $498.00 you can start students on the journey to a brighter future for themselves and a better classroom for you

Teacher Resource Manual

We know you will love seeing the same memorable changes in students that we have.

Think positively. Make a difference.

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It's time to create a brighter future for us all - how to be your own hero teacher resource - self-esteem, self respect, resilience, confidence

It’s time to create a brighter future for us all