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  • How To Be Your Own HERO self-esteem and resilience program

    Program for primary school professionals to build self-esteem and resilience in primary school children.

    Helping to raise children higher.

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  • Designed for busy teachers

    The hard work has been done to make life easier for you. Do as much or as little as you like at a time.

    The program has been reviewed and used by your colleagues.

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  • Helping you create positive futures

    We understand teachers create the future each time they step into a classroom.

    This program helps you create a more positive outlook for children as they move forward in life.

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  • Poor self-esteem impacts your classroom

    Poor self-esteem impacts not only the child, but also the classroom and the other people in it.

    We can help you to break the cycle and have a more productive learning environment.

    Let us help you break the cycle and start creating better futures for these children today.

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  • Children LOVE it

    57 super self-esteem building activities that children love.

    Learning helpful life skills in a fun interactive way that engages children and has been tested in classroom situations.

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Welcome to How To Be Your Own HERO

The How To Be Your Own HERO program is the result of a lifetime passion for the mental, social and emotional well being of children. In response to the needs of children we have created this down to earth, cost effective, tried and proven program which comes from the heart, has been reviewed by your colleagues and works.

Program Info

For more information on the How To Be Your Own HERO programme including content, stories, testimonials, bonus included products and more see How To Be Your Own HERO Detailed Information here.

About Us

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Fantastic Value

In 2013 you get an amazing $1,246 worth of value when you purchase the "How To Be Your Own HERO" program for only $498. That is $748 worth of free stuff we have included just for you. To order now click here.

Life Skiller

Life Skiller is our sister product. Discover more about Extollo's other extensive membership site with life skill resources for school professionals. Read more

Helping To Build A Brighter Tomorrow Through Happier More Resilient Children

Children deserve to have healthy self respect, self discipline, self-esteem and resilience. Unfortunately research shows that almost 20% of preschool children suffer from low self-esteem (Levigne et al 1996) and that by the time they reach the age of 14, this number has risen dramatically to an overwhelming majority of children. To help these children who would otherwise drift by lost and alone on the ocean of life, we designed this programme to be a cost effective, down to earth, tried and proven way to help children. It comes from our hearts to yours. We believe that good self-esteem should be within the reach of every person on the planet regardless of their size, colour, culture, prosperity or age ... and this is just the first of the steps we are taking to ensure it happens. THANK YOU for visiting our site and being part of making a positive difference for the future.
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